Vladislav II of Wallachia

Vladislav II of Wallachia
Voivode of Wallachia
Vladislav al II-lea.jpg
Voivode of Wallachia
(1st reign)
Reign1447 – 1448
PredecessorVlad II Dracul
SuccessorVlad the Impaler
Voivode of Wallachia
(2nd reign)
Reign1448 – 1456
PredecessorVlad the Impaler
SuccessorVlad the Impaler
Died20 August 1456
SpouseDoamna Neacşa
HouseHouse of Dăneşti
FatherDan II of Wallachia
ReligionOrthodox Christian
Vladislav and his wife Neacşa
The Monastery founded by Vladislav II.

Vladislav II (died c. August 20, 1456) was a Voivode or ruler of the principality of Wallachia, from 1447 to 1448, and again from 1448 to 1456. The way Vladislav II came to the throne is debatable. The most accepted view is that Vladislav assassinated Vlad II Dracul, ruler of Wallachia, and was subsequently placed on the throne by John Hunyadi,[1] on the other, Vladislav II was helped by the Ottomans to replace Dan III which was assigned by the Hungarians.[2]

Conflict with John Hunyadi

It is not known if Vladislav II had been invited to take part in the Battle of Kosovo (1448) or not. It is certain however that he didn't send any troops in aid and as a result, John Hunyadi took back the Transylvanian possessions of Făgăraș and Amlaș on 23 April 1452. Vladislav retaliated by embargoing all Wallachian trade to Brasov county, then part of Hunyadi's Transylvania. However, on 15 November 1455, after Hunyadi informed the people of Brasov that the embargo would be lifted, Vladislav seized back Transylvanian possessions, and attacked the Făgăraș fortress and in the process burns a few Saxon villages. In response, Hunyadi gives Vlad III; a son of the rival Drăculești house of Basarab (the future Vlad the Impaler) military support and, with the help of the Saxons whose villages were burned down, disposed Vladislav II.