Flag of Segovia
Coat of arms of Segovia
Coat of arms
Segovia is located in Castile and León
Location in Spain
Segovia is located in Spain
Segovia (Spain)
Coordinates: 40°57′N 4°10′W / 40°57′N 4°10′W / 40.950; -4.167

Segovia (ə/,[2] also US: ˈ-/,[3] Spanish: [seˈɣoβja] (About this soundlisten)) is a city in the autonomous region of Castile and León, Spain. The city is famous for its historic buildings including the three main landmarks: its midtown Roman aqueduct, its cathedral (one of the last Gothic to be built in Europe), and the castle, which was an influence for Walt Disney's Cinderella Castle. The city center of Segovia was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1985. It is the capital of Province of Segovia.


The name of Segovia is of Celtiberian origin. Although the historians linked the old name of the city to Segobriga, the recent discovery of the original Roman city in the Spanish village of Saelices discarded this possibility. The name of "Segovia" is mentioned by Livy in the context of the Sertorian War.

Under the Romans and Moors, the city was called Segovia (Σεγουβία, Ptolomeo ii. 6. § 56) and Šiqūbiyyah (شقوبية‎) respectively.