Orda Khan

Orda Ichen (Lord Orda, Орд эзэн ("Ord ezen")) was a Mongol Khan and military strategist who ruled eastern part of the Golden Horde (division of the Mongol Empire) during the 13th century.

Mongolian Horse Archers

First Khan of the White Horde

Orda Ichen (c. 1206-1251 CE) is credited for founding the White Horde; he was the eldest son of Jochi and the first grandson of Genghis Khan. At the death of his father and grandfather, Orda Khan inherited the Eastern portions of his father's lands; while he was the elder, he nevertheless agreed that his younger brother Batu Khan ruled the whole Golden Horde (also known as the Jochid Ulus). This mainly consisted of the territories between Lake Balkhash and the Volga river; it was in these lands that Orda eventually founded the White Horde. West of the Volga river were the lands of his younger brother Batu, who became the first ruler of the Blue Horde and the supreme khan of the Golden Horde.

Güyük Khan ordered Temuge Otchigin, who tried to illegally usurp the throne for himself, to be investigated by Orda and Möngke in c. 1246.