Ommen city centre with Vecht in the foreground
Ommen city centre with Vecht in the foreground
Flag of Ommen
Coat of arms of Ommen
Coat of arms
Highlighted position of Ommen in a municipal map of Overijssel
Location in Overijssel
Coordinates: 52°31′N 6°25′E / 52°31′N 6°25′E / 52.517; 6.417

Ommen (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈɔmən] (About this soundlisten)) is a municipality and a Hanseatic city in the Vecht valley of the Salland region, which is at the heart of the province of Overijssel in the eastern Netherlands. Historical records first name Ommen in the early 12th century and it was officially founded as a city in 1248. The municipality had a population of 17,642 in 2017 and covers an area of 182.01 km2 (70.27 sq mi).

Population centres

Besides the city of Ommen (population: 8,710) and the town of Lemele (population: 570), the municipality consists of the following hamlets and villages: Archem, Arriën, Arriërveld, Beerze, Beerzerveld, Besthmen, Eerde, Giethmen, Junne, Ommerschans, Stegeren, Stegerveld, Varsen, Vilsteren, Vinkenbuurt, Witharen and Zeesse.[5]



Dutch Topographic map of Ommen, June 2015