Nestor (mythology)

According to some sources,[1] this cup shows Hecamede mixing kykeon for Nestor. Tondo of an Attic red-figure cup, c. 490 BC. From Vulci.

Nestor of Gerenia (Ancient Greek: Νέστωρ Γερήνιος, Nestōr Gerēnios) was the legendary wise King of Pylos described in Homer's Odyssey.[2]

Excavations from 1939 revealed his palace, and excavations have recently resumed at the site.[when?][citation needed]


Nestor was the son of Neleus and Chloris. His wife was either Eurydice or Anaxibia; their children included Peisistratus, Thrasymedes, Pisidice, Polycaste, Perseus, Stratichus, Aretus, Echephron, and Antilochus. In late accounts, Nestor had a daughter Epicaste who became the mother of Homer by Telemachus.[3][4]