Murad II

Murad II
مراد ثانى
Ottoman Sultan
II. Murat.jpg
6th Ottoman Sultan
1st Reign26 May 1421 – August 1444
PredecessorMehmed I
SuccessorMehmed II
2nd ReignSeptember 1446 – 3 February 1451
PredecessorMehmed II
SuccessorMehmed II
Born16 June 1404[1] or 1403[2]
Amasya, Ottoman Sultanate
Died3 February 1451(1451-02-03) (aged 46)
Edirne, Ottoman Sultanate
ConsortsYeni Hatun
Sultan Hatun
Hüma Hatun
Mara Branković
IssueSee below
Full name
Murad bin Mehmed
FatherMehmed I
MotherEmine Hatun
ReligionSunni Islam
TughraMurad II مراد ثانى's signature

Murad II (16 June 1404[1] or 1403[2]– 3 February 1451) (Ottoman Turkish: مراد ثانى Murād-ı sānī, Turkish:II. Murat) was the Ottoman Sultan from 1421 to 1444 and 1446 to 1451.

Murad II's reign was marked by the long war he fought against the Christian feudal lords of the Balkans and the Turkish beyliks in Anatolia, a conflict that lasted 25 years. He was brought up in Amasya, and ascended the throne on the death of his father Mehmed I. His mother was Valide Sultan Emine Hatun (daughter of Suleyman Bey, ruler of Dulkadirids), his father's third consort. Their marriage served as an alliance between the Ottomans and this buffer state, and produced a son, Mehmed II, who would go on to successfully conquer the Byzantine Empire's capital, Constantinople, in 1453.

Early life

Murad was born in June 1404 (or 1403[2][3]) to Sultan Mehmed I and his wife Emine Hatun, and he spent his early childhood in Amasya. In 1410, Murad came along with his father to the Ottoman capital, Edirne. After his father ascended to the Ottoman throne, he made Murad governor of the Amasya Sanjak. Murad remained at Amasya until the death of Mehmed I in 1421. He was solemnly recognized as sultan of the Ottoman Sultanate at sixteen years of age, girded with the sabre of Osman at Bursa, and the troops and officers of the state willingly paid homage to him as their sovereign.