Provinces of Moesia Inferior (right) and Moesia Superior (left) highlighted
Moesia Inferior (highlighted).
Moesia Superior (highlighted).
The Moesian provinces and the northern Balkans in Late Antiquity
Moesia with Pontic cities Tyras, Olbia

Moesia (ə/;[1][2] Latin: Moesia, Greek: Μοισία, romanizedMoisía)[3] was an ancient region and later Roman province situated in the Balkans south of the Danube River. It included most of the territory of modern-day Central Serbia, Kosovo and the northern parts of the modern North Macedonia (Moesia Superior), Northern Bulgaria and Romanian Dobrudja (Moesia Inferior).


In ancient geographical sources, Moesia was bounded to the south by the Haemus (Balkans) and Scardus (Šar) mountains, to the west by the Drinus (Drina) river, on the north by the Donaris (Danube) and on the east by the Euxine (Black Sea).[4]