Jodha of Mandore

Rao Jodha Rathore
Rao Jodha.jpg
Ruler of Mandore
Reignc. 1427 – c. 1489
PredecessorRao Ranmal
SuccessorRao Satal
Born28 March 1416
Died6 April 1489(1489-04-06) (aged 73)
IssueSatal, Rao of Mawar
Suja, Rao of Mawar
Bika, Rao of Bikaner
FatherRao Ranmal

Rao Jodha (28 March 1416 - 6 April 1489) was a rajput ruler of Mandore in the present-day state of Rajasthan. He was the son of Rao Ranmal (Ranamalla) of the Rathore clan. He is known for founding the city of Jodhpur in 1459.


Rao Ranmal secured the throne of Mandore in 1427. In addition to ruling Mandore, Rao Ranmal also became the administrator of Mewar to assist Maharana Mokal (father of Rana Kumbha). After the assassination of Maharana Mokal by two brothers (Chacha and Mera) in 1433, Ranmal continued as administrator of Mewar at the side of Rana Kumbha.