Jaén, Spain

Collage de la ciudad de Jaén, Andalucía, España.png
Flag of Jaén
Coat of arms of Jaén
Coat of arms
La capital del Santo Reino
«Muy Noble y Muy Leal Ciudad de Jaén, Guarda y Defendimiento de los Reynos de Castilla»
("Very Noble and Loyal City of Jaén, Guard and Defense of the Kingdoms of Castile")
Jaén is located in Andalusia
Jaén is located in Spain
Coordinates: 37°46′0″N 3°46′16″W / 37°46′0″N 3°46′16″W / 37.76667; -3.77111

Jaén (Spanish pronunciation: [xaˈen]) is a city in south-central Spain. The name is most likely derived from the Roman name Villa Gaiena (Villa of Gaius), which the Arabs called Jayyān.[2] It is the capital of the province of Jaén, and is located in the autonomous community of Andalusia.

The inhabitants of the city are known as Jiennenses. Its population is 116,731 (2012), about one-sixth of the population of the province. Recently Jaén has had a great increase in cultural tourism, having received 604,523 tourists along the year 2015, 10% more than in 2014.[3] The city is also known as the World Capital of Olive Oil, because it is the biggest producer of the oil, known by locals as liquid gold.

The layout of Jaén is determined by its position in the hills of the Santa Catalina mountains, with steep, narrow streets, in the historical central city district.The city of Jaén is the administrative and industrial centre for the province. Industrial establishments in the city include chemical works, tanneries, distilleries, cookie factories, textile factories, as well as agricultural and olive oil processing machinery industry.