Al-Ḥadath al-Ḥamrā
Arabic: الحدث الحمراء
Hadath is located in Turkey
Shown within Turkey
Alternative nameAdata
RegionKahramanmaraş Province
Coordinates37°42′25″N 37°27′36″E / 37°42′25″N 37°27′36″E / 37.707; 37.460

Al-Ḥadath al-Ḥamrā' (Arabic for "Hadath the Red") or Adata (Greek: Ἃδατα) was a town and fortress near the Taurus Mountains (modern southeastern Turkey), which played an important role in the Byzantine–Arab Wars.


The town was located at ca. 1000 m altitude on the southern feet of the Taurus-Antitaurus range, near the upper course of the Aksu River in the Gölbaşı district. Its exact location has been lost, and it has been variously identified with locations north or south of Inekli lake.[1][2]