Great Peacemaker

Great Peacemaker
  • Skennenrahawi
  • Deganawida (in special circumstances)
Onondaga, adopted Mohawk, or Huron orator and statesman
Personal details
Born15th century[1][2]
Huron or Onondaga
Died15th century[1][2]

The Great Peacemaker (Skennenrahawi [skʌ̃.nʌ̃.ɾahawi] in Mohawk), sometimes referred to as Deganawida or Dekanawida (as a mark of respect, some Iroquois avoid using his personal name except in special circumstances) was by tradition, along with Jigonhsasee and Hiawatha, the founder of the Haudenosaunee, commonly called the Iroquois Confederacy. This is a political and cultural union of five Iroquoian-speaking Native American tribes residing in the present-day state of New York, northern Pennsylvania, and the eastern portion of the province of Ontario, Canada. The union created a powerful alliance of related Iroquoian peoples around the Great Lakes.


The Great Peacemaker's name means "Two River Currents Flowing Together". Some of the numerous legends about the Great Peacemaker have conflicting information. It is reported that he was born a Huron, and by some accounts, his mother was a virgin, making the birth miraculous.[3] Others say he was born an Onondaga and later adopted by the Mohawk.[4]