European territory inhabited by East Slavic tribes in 8th and 9th centuries

The Drevlians (Ukrainian: Древляни, romanizedDrevliany, Russian: Древля́не, romanizedDrevlyane) were a tribe of Early East Slavs between the 6th and the 10th century, which inhabited the territories of Polesia and Right-bank Ukraine, west of the eastern Polans and along the lower reaches of the rivers Teteriv, Uzh, Ubort, and Stviga. To the west, the Drevlians' territories reached the Sluch River, where the Volynians (related to the territory of Volynia) and Buzhans (related to the name of Southern Bug river) lived. To the north, the Drevlians' neighbors were the Dregovichs.


Their name is derived from Slavic drevo/древо or derevo/дерево, meaning "wood"[1] and "tree",[2] because they lived in the forests.[1] Their name may be rendered "the dwellers in the forest".[2] Nestor the Chronicler (1056–1114) mentioned that those Slavs who settled in open fields had been called Polyani (after the Slavic pole/поле, meaning "field"), and those in forest areas Drevlyani.[3]