Conrad of Megenberg

"He nach volget das Puch der Natur"

Conrad of Megenberg (German: Konrad von Megenberg,[a] Latin: Conradus Megenbergensis; 1309–1374) was a German Catholic scholar, and a writer.


Conrad was born in either Mainberg or Mebenburg, both in Bavaria. He was born on 2 February 1309. Conrad himself calls his native place Megenberg, hence continued confusion on his birthplace. He studied at Erfurt and the University of Paris; at the latter university he obtained the degree of Master of Arts, and he taught philosophy and theology at the University of Paris for several years.[2]

By 1337 he was living in Vienna. That year he became head of St. Stephen's school. He relocated, in 1342, to Regensburg. There, he became a priest, then a preacher, and eventually a cathedral canon. He was also a member of the local town council.[2] In 1357 he made a journey to the Papal Curia in 'Babylonian exile' at Avignon. He died at Ratisbon (and alternative name for Regensburg) on 11 April 1374.