Charles VIII of Sweden

Carl II of Sweden, Carl I of Norway.jpg
Wood sculpture of Charles by his contemporary Bernt Notke. Made posthumously (c. 1480s), but considered to have real likeness.[1][2]
King of Sweden
Reign20 June 1448 – 24 February 1457
9 August 1464 – 30 January 1465
12 November 1467 – 15 May 1470
Coronation29 June 1448, Uppsala
King of Norway
Reign20 November 1449 – June 1450
Coronation20 November 1449, Trondheim
Born5 October 1409
Ekholmen Castle, Veckholm, Uppsala
Died14 May 1470(1470-05-14) (aged 60)
Stockholm Castle, Stockholm
SpouseBirgitta Turesdotter (Bielke)
Kristina Abrahamsdotter
among others...
Magdalen Karlsdotter
Full name
Karl Knutsson Bonde
FatherKnut Tordsson Bonde
MotherMargareta Karlsdotter
ReligionRoman Catholicism
Royal coat of arms, created by Charles in 1448. It has served as template for Sweden's greater coat of arms since.
Carl's 16th century grave monument in Riddarholm Church

Charles VIII of Sweden (1408 Uppsala - 1470 Stockholm, in reality Charles II), Charles I of Norway, also Carl (Swedish: Karl Knutsson), was king of Sweden (1448–1457, 1464–1465 and from 1467 to his death in 1470) and king of Norway (1449–1450).

Regnal name

Charles was the second Swedish king by the name of Charles (Karl). Charles VIII is a posthumous invention, counting backwards from Charles IX (r. 1604–1611) who adopted his numeral according to a fictitious history of Sweden. Six others before Charles VII are unknown to any sources before Johannes Magnus's 16th century book Historia de omnibus gothorum sueonumque regibus, and are considered his invention. Charles was the first Swedish monarch of the name to actually use a regnal number as Charles II (later retrospectively renumbered VIII), on his queen's tombstone (1451) at Vadstena.[3]