Buluggin ibn Ziri

Buluggin ibn Ziri
Emir of Maghreb
Bologhine Benziri Benmenad.jpg
A statue of Buluggin ibn Ziri
Reign972 – 984
SuccessorAl-Mansur ibn Buluggin
Full name
Abu'l-Futuh Sayf al-Dawla Buluggin ibn Ziri ibn Manad al-Sanhaji
FatherZiri ibn Manad

Buluggin ibn Ziri, often transliterated Bologhine, in full Abu'l-Futuh Sayf al-Dawla Buluggin ibn Ziri ibn Manad al-Sanhaji (Arabic: أبو الفتوح سيف الدولة بلكين بن زيري بن مناد الصنهاجي‎; died 984) was the first ruler of the Zirids in Ifriqiya (972–984).

Buluggin was already given responsibility under the governorship of his father Ziri ibn Manad, during which time he founded the cities of Algiers, Miliana and Médéa. After Ziri's death in battle against renegade Berbers, Buluggin became governor of Algeria and defeated the Zanata tribe. The prisoners were resettled in great numbers in the settlement of Ashir.

When the Fatimids transferred their base from Mahdia to Egypt, Buluggin was appointed viceroy of Ifriqiya, and established his residence at Kairouan. The Fatimids had taken the treasury and fleet with them to Egypt, so the first priority of the Zirid government was to consolidate their rule. However the loss of the fleet meant loss of control over the Kalbids in Sicily. Buluggin advanced towards the Atlantic Ocean during a campaign in Morocco, where he also fought against the Bargawata. The Caliphate of Córdoba was however able to retain the fortresses of Ceuta and Tangiers.

Buluggin died in 984 whilst returning from this expedition. He was succeeded by his son al-Mansur ibn Buluggin (984-995).

Bologhine, a suburb in the city of Algiers, is named after him.