Battle of Oranik (1456)

Second Battle of Oranik
Part of Ottoman wars in Europe, Ottoman-Albanian Wars
Battle of Oronichea
16th century engraving by Jost Amman
Date18 May 1456[1]
Plains of Oranik (Debar in modern day Macedonia)

41°31′N 20°32′E / 41°31′N 20°32′E / 41.517; 20.533
ResultAlbanian victory
Coa Kastrioti Family.svg League of Lezhë[citation needed]Fictitious Ottoman flag 2.svg Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
SkanderbegMoisi Arianit Golemi
10,000 (6,000 cavalry, 4,000 infantry) to 12,000 men[1]15,000 men[citation needed]
Casualties and losses
1,000 dead, 2,000 wounded[1]Unknown
Battle of Oranik (1456) is located in Republic of North Macedonia
Battle of Oranik (1456)
Location within Republic of North Macedonia

The Second Battle of Oranik took place during the spring of 1456 in the plains of Oranik (Debar in modern-day Macedonia). Moisi Arianit Golemi, lord of Debar, and one of Skanderbeg's officers, deserted to the Ottomans following the defeat at Berat in 1455. Golemi set off from Adrianople with a force of 15,000 men to capture Albania but was swiftly defeated by Skanderbeg's smaller forces.


Skanderbeg's resistance had been going on for over a decade, during which time he defeated many Turkish armies. The Ottoman Turks sent an invasion force under Isak Bey Pasha to subdue southern Albania. In this invasion, Isak captured the Albanian stronghold of Berat and crippled the Albanian resistance. Moisi of Dibra, one of Skanderbeg's most trusted officers, deserted to the Ottomans and made an attempt to defeat Skanderbeg by using the Ottoman army. He left Adrianople with 15,000 soldiers and marched towards Albania. Because of the knowledge Moisi possessed of Skanderbeg's strategies and of the Albanian terrain, Skanderbeg made all his dispositions for defense.