Battle of Köse Dağ

Battle of Köse Dağ
Part of the Mongol invasions of Anatolia
Bataille de Közä Dagh (1243).jpeg
The Mongols chasing the Seljuqs. Hayton of Corycus, Fleur des histoires d'orient.
DateJune 26, 1243
Kösedağ (about 60 km east of Sivas)[2]
ResultDecisive Mongol victory
The Sultanate of Rum and the Empire of Trebizond became vassals of the Mongols.
Mongol Empire
Armenian & Georgian Mercenaries[1]
Sultanate of Rum
Georgian Auxiliaries
Trapezuntine Auxiliaries
Latin Mercenaries
Commanders and leaders
BaijuKaykhusraw II
Pharadavla of Akhaltsikhe
Dardin Shervashidze 
(20,000–25,000 participated, the rest deserted)[5][7][8][9]
Casualties and losses
unknown3,000 killed[5]

The Battle of Köse Dağ was fought between the Sultanate of Rum ruled by the Seljuq dynasty and the Mongol Empire on June 26, 1243 at the defile of Köse Dağ, a location between Erzincan and Gümüşhane in modern northeastern Turkey.[10][11] The Mongols achieved a decisive victory.


During the reign of Ögedei Khan, the Sultanate of Rum offered friendship and a modest tribute to Chormaqan, a kheshig and one of the Mongols' greatest generals.[12] Under Kaykhusraw II, however, the Mongols began to pressure the sultan to go to Mongolia in person, give hostages and accept a Mongol darughachi.