Battle of Chmielnik

Battle of Chmielnik
Part of the Mongol invasion of Poland
Mongolowie najazd 1241.jpg
Mongolian invasion route to Poland in 1241
DateMarch 18, 1241
ResultDecisive Mongol victory
Mongol Empire Kingdom of Poland
Commanders and leaders
BaidarWłodzimierz of Cracow  
Pakosław of Sandomierz  
Klement of Brzeźnica  
Casualties and losses

The Battle of Chmielnik occurred on 18 March 1241 during the Mongol invasion of Poland. It ended in the defeat of the Polish armies of Sandomierz and Kraków provinces. The Mongols were able to move unimpeded, and plunder the abandoned city of Kraków.


The Mongols invaded Poland in late 1240, and were advancing westwards. The Poles had already suffered a defeat (Battle of Tursko), and the Mongol forces split into two or three armies, the main of which, under Baidar, was heading towards Kraków (Cracow), a large city (and capital of the fragmented Polish Kingdom) in central-southern Poland. Two other Mongol commanders, Kadan and Orda Khan, were advancing more to the north.