Aurès Mountains

Aures Mountains
جبال الأوراس
Hammam Essalhine Aquae Flaviane Khenchela Mont View 2.jpg
Mountain landscape at Hammam Essalihine
Highest point
PeakDjebel Chélia (Algeria)
Elevation2,328 m (7,638 ft)
Coordinates35°19′05″N 6°38′13″E / 35°19′05″N 6°38′13″E / 35.31806; 6.63694
CountriesAlgeria and Tunisia
Parent rangeAtlas Mountain System

The Aures Mountains (Arabic: جبال الأوراس‎) are an eastern prolongation of the Atlas Mountain System that lies to the east of the Saharan Atlas in northeastern Algeria, North Africa. The mountain range gives its name to the mountainous natural and historical region of the Aures.


The Aures mountains are the eastern continuation of the Saharan Atlas. They are located at a lower elevation than the High Atlas mountains of Morocco. The highest peak in the Aurès mountain range is Djebel Chélia in Khenchela Province, which sits at 2,328 metres (7,638 ft).

The Belezma Range is a northwestern prolongation of the Aures Mountains located where the Tell Atlas and the Saharan Atlas come together. Its main summits are 2,178 m (7,146 ft) high Djebel Refaâ and 2,136 m (7,008 ft) high Djebel Tichaou.[1]